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수제뜰채 뜰채관련상품
Classic Bow Fine Mesh Trout Net
Stone Creek
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
최장길이 58c(망넓이 39x22) 70,000 재고있음

STREAMSIDE Classic Bow Fine Mesh Trout Net (22")

These Classic Bow landing Nets are constructed with steam bent premium Hardwoods. The careful design of these Nets will keep them serviceable for years.

The quality Fine Mesh Netting is softer and gentler on fish, which protects them during Release. The handsome wood frame is enamel coated for durability.

STREAMSIDE Classic Bow Fine Mesh Trout Net Features:

* Solid premium Hardwood construction, carefully steam bent to a Classic Bow shape

* Special soft, Fine Mesh Netting protects the fish better

* Attractive wood frame enamel sealed for lasting durability

* Quality components attach to elastic Stretch cord

* Net Area: 8" X 15"

* Handle Length: 6 1/2"

* overall Length: 22"