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Split Shot Wizard
Dr. Slick
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
Gold/Silver Anodized 25,000
Black Anodized 25,000
품절상품 입니다.
  Designed to open and close all sizes and materials of split shot. One jaw is shaped like a triangle/wedge and the other jaw has two recesses to hold the shot. Simply place the shot in the recess and close the clamp. The triangular/wedge jaw will open the shot in one smooth motion. A small gap exists between the jaws to ensure no mashing or cutting of tippet. Jaw tips are smooth and can be used for closing the shot. Recessed jaw is colored for ease of use. Also handles all usual stream-side tasks making it one of the most innovative clamps we have ever designed.

•  Smooth Jaw Structure
•  Available in Straight Jaw Only
•  Pin-In Shank
•  5 Inches