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SIMMS(심스훅박스) 3M . 기타
Simms Wheatly Fly Box Solid
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
6' box features 12 rows 0
4' box features 10 rows 0
  • A fantastic combination of the classic Wheatley fly box and wonderful DeYoung fish artwork. Classic style Wheatley Fly Box
    Artist Series features Derek DeYoung Brown Trout & Brook Trout
    Anodized aluminum construction
    * 6" box features 12 rows of slit foam (6 per side) with 21 slits per row
    * 4" box features 10 rows of slit foam (5 per side) with 20 slits per row
    * Assembled in the USA
    Vendor: Simms