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Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise Kit(셋트)
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Dyna-King Kingfisher Vise Kit, Pedestal 

Dyna-King Kingfisher Kit features a small durable, high quality, very affordable vise accompanied with Dr. Slick professional tools, Daiichi Hooks, Waspi materials, DVD, and Reference Book. The Kingfisher incorporates high quality materials that from start to finish are Made in the USA. The Kingfisher Vise features a notch-lock cam, allowing great hook holding capabilities with a 360 degree rotation. The Kingfisher Vise shares the same jaw as the Barracuda vises, but with only a price tag of $165. The Kingfisher vise is perfect for the beginner fly tyer or a more experienced fly tyer looking for an affordable travel vise while on the go. 

Dyna- King Kingfisher Kit Features

  • Conventional Vise with Pedestal or C-Clamp
  • Notch-Lock Cam
  • 360 Degree rotation
  • Hook Range: 8/0-22
  • Jaw Tip to End: 4-1/2"
  • Height (Jaw Tip to Desk): 7"
  • Weight with Pedestal= 3lbs
  • Weight with C-Clamp=1-1/2lb
  • Dr. Slick Professional Tool Kit: (Scissors, Hair Stacker, Bobbin, Whip Finisher, Hackle Pliers, Bodkin, Bobbin Threader)
  • Wapsi Materials: Enough Materials to tie 3 types of Caddis Flies
  • Daiichi Hooks
  • DVD: Fly Tying, The Angler's Art. Tying the Caddis by Leroy Hyatt and Dave Engerbreston
  • Reference Book: "The Basics of Fly Tying"
  • Warranty: Lifetime against defects in material. 2 Year warranty for Jaw.