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Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
Pedestal, right 280,000 예약주문
Pedestal, left 280,000 예약주문
C-clamp, right 280,000 예약주문
C-clamp, left 280,000 예약주문
품절상품 입니다.

Renzetti's original rotary fly-tying vise is back by popular demand. Made in USA.


First introduced to the fly-tying world in 1988, the Renzetti Traveler 2000 vise is back and better than ever. Featuring positive rotary action, easy-to-use screw adjustments, and built for hooks sizes 28 to 4/0, it's Renzetti's original true rotary fly tying vise. Available in right- or left-hand action and in C-clamp or pedestal base models. Made in USA.