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TMC(티펫/리더라인) 바리바스(티펫/리더라인) 올비스(티펫라인) 맥시마(MAXIMA)
Rio(리오 리더/티펫라인) 코틀란드(티펫/리더라인) Loop(루프리더라인)
Salmon PolyLeader
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
7ft CLEAR FLOATING 12lb 15,000 예약주문
10ft CLEAR FLOATING 24lb 20,000 재고있음
7ft INTERMEDIATE 12lb 15,000 예약주문
10ft INTERMEDIATE 24lb 20,000 재고있음
7ft FAST 12lb 15,000 예약주문
10ft FAST 24lb 20,000 예약주문
  PolyLeaders are like mini fly lines that are constructed the same way with a PVC coated monocore. They are tapered and act as a natural extension of your line tapering down to your tippet. They cast beautifully, and come in four densities that allow you to fish the entire water column. They are available in Clear Floating, Intermediate Sinking (1.5 inches/second), Fast Sink (3.9 inches/second), and Super Fast Sink (6.1 inches/second). Each leader has an exposed monocore tip to attach your tippet in whatever fashion you prefer from blood knot to triple surgeon's, or tie a perfection loop for a loop-to-loop connection.


  • The Trout Leader is 7-feet and you can add 4- to 8-ft. of 2- to 12-lb. tippet depending on conditions.
  • The Salmon Leader is 10-feet and you can add 4- to 8-ft. of 8- to 24-lb. tippet depending on conditions.


Both Trout and Salmon are available in all four densities.