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Rio LOOP Orvis Sage
Cortland 스노우비 기타
Freshwater Fly Line, WF6F
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
WF- 2 -F 85,000 예약주문
WF- 3 -F 85,000 예약주문
WF- 4 -F 85,000 예약주문
WF- 5 -F 85,000 예약주문
WF- 6 -F 85,000 예약주문
  • Sage Freshwater Floating Fly Line WF6F, New!
  • Smooth-handling, high-floating, weight-forward lines that offer great versatility and balance with a variety of rod lengths and actions.
  • Sizes: WF6F - WF9F
  • $4.95 for Priority Mail Flat Rate in the USA.  $12.95 for Priority Mail flat rate shipping to: Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.  Buyers from other areas should check for shipping  cost before purchase.  Payment by Pay Pal.  ALL PAYMENTS BY PAY PAL MUST HAVE A CONFIRMED SHIPPING ADDRESS BY PAY PAL.