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Rio LOOP Orvis Sage
Cortland 스노우비 기타
Mainstream Type 3 Full Sink(풀 씽킹라인)
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
WF4S3 24.4m 45,000 예약주문
WF5S3 24.4m 45,000 재고있음
WF6S3 24.4m 45,000 예약주문

RIO MainStream Type 3 full Sinking Fly Line

New for 2013, RIO MainStream full Sinking Lines have user-friendly, high-performance tapers individually designed for optimum Line size and normal casting ranges. MainStream Lines have a supple coating that remains memory-free in cold Water. The smooth, self lubricating coating improves your casting distance and accuracy. The Shorter front taper facilitates tight casting loops and positive turnover. RIO MainStream is an ideal choice for an all Purpose, everyDay Sinking Fly Line.  designed to optimize Rod performance at normal casting ranges with a Shorter Head, taper and running Line.  This Type 3 Sinking Line will Sink at a rate of 3-4 ips (inches per second).


  • designed to optimize Rod performance at normal casting ranges
  • Supple self-lubricating coating, memory-free in cold Water
  • Easy casting taper designs
  • Budget priced, quality Fly Lines, Made in Idaho


  • Avaialble Weights: WF4S3 - WF8S3
  • Length: 80 ft
  • Color: Brown