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Rio LOOP Orvis Sage
Cortland 스노우비 기타
Switch Line
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
#5 106,000 예약주문
#10 106,000 예약주문
  Fly fishing line made specifically for Orvis Switch rods. Cast overhand, single or double hand, and Spey with one line. Contrasting colored back taper lets you know the 'sweet spot' for a setup. 125' total length. 34' head. WF5 300 grains. WF6 340 grains. WF7 380 grains. WF8 420 grains. WF9 520 grains. WF10 580 grains. Fly fishing line in pale yellow with olive taper. Enhance your presentation options and casting performance by using Orvis 10' polyleaders. Made in USA.