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4종 Multi-Tip(씽글핸드용)
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Get versatility and line control in a 4-in-1 multi-tip system made for river fishing. Attach any one of the four tips, from floating to sinking for any type of fishing situation you face. No need to keep different reels on hand. Great for fishing big rivers in Alaska, Tierra del Fuego, the western United States, or any other rivers where you may want to change up depths fast without having to swap out reels or spools. The tapered section of floating line shoots like a bullet and turns over the interchangeable tips with the precision of a full fly line. The system features a stiff, non-hinging loop connection between line and tip sections. Visit orvis.com for taper chart. 15' fly-line tip sections include
floating, clear intermediate, Class III sinking (3½" to 4½"/second), and Class VI sinking (6½" to 7½"/second). Overall length: 100'. Packed in a shooting head wallet. Made in USA.
Line weights 7, 10.