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Rio LOOP Orvis Sage
Cortland 스노우비 기타
4종 Multi-Tip(스페이용 팁셋트)
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
7# 115,000
8# 115,000
9# 115,000
12# 115,000
품절상품 입니다.
Get all you need for great Spey casting of all varieties in most fishing scenarios. Great for the beginner starting out with a floating head and for the advanced caster fishing down in the water column when needed. The easy-loading, 45-55' short heads turn over tips well and load rods on shorter distances. The perfect choice for any level caster and/or the fisherman who needs the versatility of fishing different water columns. Non-hinging welded loop. Includes a body section, a 15' (4.6m) floating, a clear intermediate (1.5 ips, 4 cm/s), a DC Type 3 (3 ips, 8 cm/s), a DC Type 6 (6 ips, 15 cm/s) and a DC Type 8 (8 ips, 20 cm/s) sinking tip. Packed in an Orvis leader wallet.
Spey casting fly line sizes are: 7, 8, 9, 12. Made in USA.