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Shooting Head (씽글핸드용)
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Get great distance and incredible flexibility, and change up line quickly in saltwater and lake situations without having to swap spools or reels. The Shooting Head system has a shooting head in each of the four multi tips to load your rod easily and let you shoot line for distance. Each 28' section interchanges and attaches quickly to the running line by a welded loop on both ends to let you go from deep to surface fishing fast. Great for stripers, blues, jetty fishing, blue water, steelheading, and big lakes. The Complete Shooting Head Kit includes 100' Wonderline® running line, 28' floating tip and intermediate tips (sink rate of 1½"/sec.), 28' fast-sinking tip (3"/second sink rate), and 28' X-tra-fast-sinking tip (6"/sec. sink rate) packed in a leader wallet with four mesh dividers, to make it easy to fish all conditions. Made in USA.
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