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Hardy Reel(하디 릴) Sage(세이지) Orvis Loop Reel
JS 컴퍼니 디루프릴 NS 릴 램슨 릴 기타
Evotec (G4)B (블객)
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
#3/5 FW (Feather weight) 블루 480,000 재고있음
#4/6 FW (Feather weight) 블루 500,000 재고있음
#5/7 FW (Feather weight) 블루 510,000 재고있음
#6/8 LW(Ligh weight) 블루 480,000 재고있음
#3/5 FW 3-5 LEFT (ORANGE) 480,000 재고있음
#4/6 FW 4-6 LEFT (ORANGE) 500,000 재고있음
#5/7 FW 5-7 LEFT (ORANGE) 510,000 재고있음
#6/8 LW 6-8 LEFT (ORANGE) 620,000 재고있음
  • You probably recognize the characteristic lines and the unique design. Many have tried to copy it. No one has succeeded.
    With the Power Matrix drag system the Evotec G3 is a fisherman’s best friend. This powerhouse of a reel contains the strongest and smoothest braking system that you will ever likely get your hands on.
    The G3 is equipped with an ergonomically designed, non-friction winding handle, which prevents the fly line from getting entangled on it. The counter-weight features an o-ring for attaching the tippet when not fishing.
    This reel is your best bet when the fish of a lifetime takes your fly.
    That we guarantee!

    * Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
    * Waterproof and salt tolerant.
    * Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
    * All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
    * Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
    * Power Matrix Drag System.
    * Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
    * Simple, quick spool-change.
    * Right or left retrieve a snap.
    * Outgoing click (not available on FW).
    * Precisely counterbalanced
  • FW 3/5 # 3-5 WF4 + 170yd 20lbs
    FW 4/6 # 4-6 WF5 + 200yd 20lbs
    FW 5/7 # 5-7 WF6 + 230yd 20lbs
    LW6/8 # 6-8 WF7 + 250yd 20lbs
    LW7/9 # 7-9 WF8 + 250yd 20lbs
    HD8/10 # 8-10 WF9 + 280yd 20lbs
    HD9/13 # 9-13 WF11 + 350yd 20lbs