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Hardy Reel(하디 릴) Sage(세이지) Orvis Loop Reel
JS 컴퍼니 디루프릴 NS 릴 램슨 릴 기타
Sage 6000 Fly Reel
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
STEALTH (6/7 wt) 660,000 예약주문
STORM (6/7 wt) 660,000 예약주문
AZURE (6/7 wt) 660,000 예약주문
EMBER-NEW FOR 2014 (7/8 wt) 660,000 예약주문
STEALTH (7/8 wt) 720,000 예약주문
STORM (7/8 wt) 720,000 예약주문
AZURE (7/8 wt) 720,000 예약주문
EMBER-NEW FOR 2014 (7/8 wt) 720,000 예약주문
STEALTH (9/10wt) 780,000 예약주문
STORM (9/10wt) 780,000 예약주문
AZURE (9/10wt) 780,000 예약주문
EMBER-NEW FOR 2014 (9/10wt) 780,000 예약주문

Sage 6060 6/7 Fly Reel - New Colors for 2014!

Available in three New colors for 2013, the Sage 6000 Fly Reels are built for fighting and landing big Game Saltwater species.  Sage 6000 Reels are built around Sage's exclusive sealed multi-graphite disk drag unit, and they resist salt, grit and dunkings to deliver buttery-smooth performance in the harshest environments. The Sage 6000 Reels are engineered for the angler who insists on fishing only the very finest equipment on the market.

Sage 6000 Series Reels are built around the Sage exclusive sealed, multi-graphite disc drag unit which is unaffected by salt, grit, and dunkings to deliver buttery smooth performance under the harshest conditions. big fish and high drag settings? No Problem, this Reel will stop a truck. Just twist the numbered, one rEvolution drag knob, sTrip out Line, then return to the exact setting you have tested for consistent, reliable resistance levels. Every time.

A few years ago, Sage quietly assembled one of the best fly reel design teams in the world, many feel THE best. Sage also implemented their New revolutionary Rocket Science 3-D software to design the 6000 Series, removing all the unecessary weight and maximizing strength with curved Surfaces and complex geometry. Other amazing features include a unique concave spool hub that increases strength and Line capacity, simple no-Tool left/right hand retrieve conversion, and an innovative one-Click quick-change spool mechanism that stands up to even the most blistering runs.

The finest Fly Reel ever produced, at any price? We think so. Just pick one up and you will see why.


  • Weight 6.46 oz
  • Line 6-7 
  • capacity 200/20lb