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Scott Radian
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
R854/4 (4wt, 8'6', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R904/4 (4wt, 9'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R1004/4 (4wt, 10'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R855/4 (5wt, 8'6', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R905/4 (5wt, 9'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R905/4W (5wt, 9'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R955/4 Fly Rod (5wt, 9'6', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R1005/4 Fly Rod (5wt, 10'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R906/4 Fly Rod (6wt, 9'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문
R906/4FB Fly Rod (6wt, 9'0', 4pc) 930,000 예약주문

Scott Radian R854/4 Fly Rod (4wt, 8'6", 4pc)

Quick, sensitive, and light in the hand, the 854/4 is right at home in small and medium size rivers with small and medium-sized dries and lightly weighted nymphs. Incredible feel and touch paired with control and line speed make this pure fun to fish.

Meet the All New Radian
Until now, you’ve had to choose between a rod with power and line speed, or a rod with touch and feel. But thanks to Scott, those days are over. Fast and Feel have finally come together. So, how’d we do it? We dramatically increased recovery speed with our new ReAct technology. By minimizing energy- sapping vibrations, ReAct creates fast action, high line speed rods with all the nuance and feel of a presentation rod.

Now, roll casts to a tricky seam, and short, delicate casts with fine 6X leaders are just as easy as long distance streamer deliveries to the opposite bank. And after the cast, when you need extended fishability, Radian rods give you incredible mending abilities and tippet protection without sacrificing the authoritative hook setting and fish fighting power you expect from a fast action rod.

But, it’s more than advanced technology that make the Radian so amazing. Check out the components and workmanship. There isn’t a finer production rod in existence. Features like titanium framed SiC stripping guides, custom reel seats with burled box elder spacers, the very top grade Portuguese cork, and the new patented Universal snake guides from American maker Snake Brand round out the most fully loaded rods to ever grace a rod rack.

Each and every Radian is handcrafted start to finish in our shop in Montrose, Colorado by anglers who know fly rods.

Find out just how satisfying your fishing becomes when you get Fast with Feel, and start fishing a Radian

  • ReAct Technology - Brings together X-Core with a new complex materials and taper system to dramatically increase recovery speed
  • X-Core Technology – Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design
  • FiberFuse-Enhanced resin uses new chemistry to create stronger bonds between each fiber
  • Multi-Modulus Design - fine-tuned flex and recovery
  • ARC - Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.
  • Handcrafted in the USA - Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.
  • Lenght: 8'6"
  • Weight: 4wt
  • Lifetime Warranty
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