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sage Rod(세이지) 루 프 (Loop) HARDY orvis(올비스)
D-Loop JS 로드 TIMCO(티엠코) SCOOT WINSTON(윈스톤)
NS 로드 Redington
Greys GR70 Streamflex Plus
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
#3 (9.6피트 10피트 겸용) 490,000
품절상품 입니다.

Greys XF2 Streamflex Plus Fly Rod


드라이낚시엔 9.6피트로 사용

님핑시에는 10피트로 섹션 연장해서 간편사용하는  획기적인 아이템

  • "Two in one" rod extension system
  • Eliminates the need to carry multiple rods when stream fishing
  • Standard length of 9'6", extends into a 10' rod in just a few seconds
  • Extension can be deployed without rethreading
  • High modulus material for fast line speeds
  • Reversed half-wells grip

Greys fly fishing rods are covered by a worldwide extended warranty.