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sage Rod(세이지) 루 프 (Loop) HARDY orvis(올비스)
D-Loop JS 로드 TIMCO(티엠코) SCOOT WINSTON(윈스톤)
NS 로드 Redington
Boron pure
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
#2 7피트 990,000 예약주문
#3 6.6피트 990,000 예약주문
#3 7피트 990,000 예약주문
#3 7.6피트 990,000 예약주문
#4 5.9피트 990,000 예약주문
#4 7.6피트 990,000 예약주문
#4 8피트 990,000 예약주문
#4 8.6피트 990,000 예약주문
#4 9피트 990,000 예약주문
#5 9피트 990,000 예약주문

New Winston PURE


Pure feel.
Pure presentation.
Pure fun


Presenting the new Winston PURE series.

When you day dream of delicate presentation trout fishing, where does your mind wander? Some might imagine casting yellow humpies, stimulators, and Royal Wulffs on their favorite freestones.

Some might imagine undercut banks, beaver ponds, and giggling riffles on a secret cutthroat “crick.” Some might imagine a large pod of picky spring creek rainbows dimpling PMDs on a slow-moving current’s surface.

If these are your daydreams, we encourage you to explore our new PURE series of trout rods.

Winston Pure



LineLengthGripRod Price / Blank Price
2wt.7′CIGAR$850 / $425
3wt.6’6″CIGAR$850 / $425
3wt.7′CIGAR$850 / $425
3wt.7’6″CIGAR$850 / $425
4wt.5’9″CIGAR$850 / $425
4wt.7’6″CIGAR$850 / $425
4wt.8′CIGAR$850 / $425
4wt.8’6″CIGAR$850 / $425
4wt.9′CIGAR$850 / $425

$850 / $425



Winston Pure


  • Weights: 2 thru 5wt
  • ACTION: Medium
  • Guides: Chrome nanolite stripper guide/chrome plated, light wire snake guides
    REEL SEAT: Nickel Silver with figured Maple insert
  • Storage: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock