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Winston Boron IIIx (셋트상품)
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
386-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8'6', 3wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,370,000 예약주문
480-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8'0', 4wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,370,000 예약주문
486-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8'6', 4wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,380,000 예약주문
490-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9'0', 4wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,380,000 예약주문
586-4 Fly Rod Outfit (8'6', 5wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,390,000 예약주문
590-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9'0', 5wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,490,000 예약주문
690-4 Fly Rod Outfit (9'0', 6wt, 4pc) (셋트) 1,400,000 예약주문
386-4 Fly Rod (8'6', 3wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
480-4 Fly Rod (8'0', 4wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
486-4 Fly Rod (8'6', 4wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
490-4 Fly Rod (9'0', 4wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
586-4 Fly Rod (8'6', 5wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
590-4 Fly Rod (9'0', 5wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
690-4 Fly Rod (9'0', 6wt, 4pc) 990,000 예약주문
품절상품 입니다.

Winston Boron IIIx 386-4 Fly Rod Outfit

Winston Boron IIIx Fly Rods are simply incredible casting rod, and is the finest, most advanced Fly Rod that Winston has ever produced.   Utilizing higher modulus third generation Boron/Graphite composite, Boron IIIx Rods offer unprecedented performance. They have an even broader casting range that lets anglers control line speed for Long casts directly into the wind or gentle presentations up close.

The Boron IIIx is matched perfectly with the ultralight Lamson Litespeed 1 Fly Reel to create a perfectly balanced complete Outfit.  A premium RIO Fly Line of your choice is then Professionally loaded with quality Dacron Backing and a RIO Tapered Leader.  Ready to fish…just tie on a fly!

R.L. Winston on Boron IIIx Fly Rods:

 Legendary for crating the best fly rods in the world, Winston’s rich heritage began more than 80 years ago. Through the years, the company has earned an esteemed reputation among fly fishers. Such a reputation isn’t earned overnight. This respect is earned during streamside conversations between anglers comparing tools of the trade. This reputation is earned by casting for the first time and getting hooked up quicker than the fish. That is the appeal of a Winston. For the first time in our history, we are proud to offer R.L. Winston Rods coinciding with the introduction of their most advanced Fly Rods ever. The lighter, faster Boron IIIx material generates more response and power in an incredibly smooth, versatile Series of Rods. The leap in technology translates into a wide, effective casting range, from precision in tight cover to double hauling extreme distances. They generate faster line speeds than Boron IIx Rods without compromising Winston’s coveted smooth, balanced feel. Each rod is built in Twin Bridges, MT.

Waterworks-LamsonLitespeed Fly Reel

Waterworks-Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel is the perfect Reel for the performance-minded angler. The popular Litespeed has a scratchproof finish that is much more durable than the Type-3 anodizing of past Lamson Models. Bang it against rocks, scratch it with your keys, this finish will take the abuse and still look like New. A New method of finishing creates a smoother surface and a shinier look, yet retains all the same durability and toughness of Hard Alox.

The extremely light weight Litespeed is equipped with a stainless steel clutch that is impervious to corrosion. Unlike other drag systems that use two flat Surfaces for braking control, Lamson's conical drag utilizes two cone-shaped elements that are matched together for a precise fit. This system acts to completely seal the drag from the effects of moisture, salt and grit. When the drag is adjusted, Spring tension draws the two elements together, creating variable rates of ultrasmooth braking. Because the mass of the drag elements is centralized, the reel is more responsive to lighter drag settings. The average radius of the contact Surface is also much Smaller than a disc-shaped drag, eliminating startup torque. The zero-lash feature delivers instant Line engagement for improved feel and to eliminate the spike that the reel, Line and Leader experience when a typical pawl clutch hooks up. A 3X torque rating safety factor ensures an unlimited service life.


  • Scratchproof finish Hard Alox finish
  • Additional porting for decreased weight
  • Lamson's sealed, conical drag for ultrasmooth braking
  • Zero-lash feature for instant Line engagement and improved feel






Rod wt





Litespeed 1



3.20 oz



75 yds 12#



Litespeed 1.5



3.50 oz


WF 4

100 yds 20#


Litespeed 2



3.80 oz



100 yds 20#



Litespeed 3



5.10 oz



150 yds 20#



Litespeed 3X



4.90 oz



225 yds 20#



Litespeed 3.5

4 .00"


5.90 oz



200 yds 20#



Litespeed 3.5X

4 .00"


5.50 oz



250 yds 30#



Litespeed 4

4 .50"


9.00 oz



250 yds 30#