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sage Rod(세이지) 루 프 (Loop) HARDY orvis(올비스)
D-Loop JS 로드 TIMCO(티엠코) SCOOT WINSTON(윈스톤)
NS 로드 Redington
99 Series(Nymping 전용)
상품종류 판매가 재고여부
499-4 (#4 9 720,000
599-4 (#4 9 760,000
699-4 (#4 9 810,000
품절상품 입니다.




  • A day of multi-bug rigs, wind-resistant indicators and the requisite high-stick rod position can be enough to make your arm fall off before lunch. But the fact is, there simply isn’t a more reliable, effective technique for finding big fish. Which is why we created the 99.
    Built with the same advanced G5 Technology as our Z-Axis rods, the most obvious nymph-specific feature of the 99 is its namesake 9-foot, 9-inch length, which makes short work of long, drag-free drifts. But that’s just the beginning. The 99’s unique taper loads lower on the blank to generate open loops, helping avoid tangles with multiple fly and indicator rigs. At the same time, a stiffer tip section handles heavy payload delivery but retains the sensitivity needed to detect subtle takes.
    The 99s also feature slightly oversized guides specifically placed to make stack mending, shake-out and line feeding easier. Put it all together and you have a light, perfectly balanced rod that casts like a 9-footer but fishes like a 10. High-Stickers rejoice!